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A platform of multiple technologies providing access to data and central control for Airlines

CONVERGE was designed to make it easier for Airlines to make use of their data and simplify existing procedures. To achieve this it combines mobile applications (for Windows, iOS and Android) designed to perform specific tasks that feed data back to a centralised set of web enabled modules. These modules provide role based access functionality for users to manage all aspects of the solution and obtain analysis, reports and alerts. The goal of CONVERGE is to provide customers with as much control as possible and the service will continue to evolve to achieve this.

Software As A Service
Globally accessible, globally supported

CONVERGE is provided as a service. We manage the underpinning technology leaving you to focus on benefiting from the tools we provide.

Secure and Scalable
Hosted on Microsoft Azure

CONVERGE was the first service of its kind hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure. This provides a secure and scalable infrastructure which can be flexed for the most demanding data volumes.

Configured For You
One platform, multiple versions

The needs of one Airline are very different from another. Your CONVERGE modules are tailored to your requirements.

Flexible System Interfaces
Making it easy to use your data

CONVERGE may be a custodian of some of your data, but the data is still yours. If we don't already have a specific interface in place that you need we will happily implement a new one.

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