The right tool makes life easier
Our Course Assessment Builder makes the task of creating and maintaining Course Assessments a breeze

A fundamental part of CONVERGE Training Forms is the Course Assessment Builder. From the CONVERGE website the builder allows you to create complex Assessments, to apply to standalone Courses to "super" Courses that are comprised of multiple components. The builder gives you the control to build and manage very complex Assessments within minimal effort.

All managed online
Easy to access and share

The Course Assessments are created and managed from the CONVERGE website. The flexible permission model and site-wide auditing makes edit collaboration simple and secure.

Simple to deploy
Version management built in

New versions of Course Assessments are managed automatically. Trainers are notified and synchronise with one touch and in-progress assessments are not impacted.

Simple to evaluate
Analysis building blocks

Features such as Report Tags, Critical Controls and Training Requirements allow you to mark questions for later analysis - invaluable for on-going reports and dashboards.

Course Assessment question types
Built-in question types are used to create the Course Assessment

The Course Assessment Editor allows an "Assessment tree" to be created. You are free to add as many sections to the Assessment tree as you wish and within each section you can add as many questions as you wish. Each question is defined by the text presented to the Trainer and the type of question. CONVERGE Training has several built-in question types:


Allows you to define a set of possible responses with associated scores and whether the response is a pass or a fail. You can also define a list of possible failure reasons.


Allows you to define a set of responses and will let the Trainer select multiple options. Each option can also have an associated Training Requirement.


Allows a date to be recorded and is generally associated with the Trainer recording that a skill was demonstrated or the expiry of a license etc.


Allows you to defined table structure to record a series of entries. The table structure itself can be comprised of other questions types [Date, Select, Text, Pass/Fail]. This is often used to record a series of flights with an evaluation on each.


The purpose of the Pass/Fail question is to simply record a Pass or Fail..


Allows a date and score value to be recorded in response to a question. Generally used to confirm completion of a specific test along with a score.


Allows text to be recorded in response to a question.

Fine adjustments to the Course Assessment presentation

For each of the questions a series of attributes can also be defined which determine how the question will appear to the Trainer or what must be completed:


All questions are mandatory unless they are flagged as optional.

Can mark as n/a?

Some questions might not be applicable in certain circumstances, if n/a is selected there is also an option to define the text associated.

Must comment?

When completing the Assessment the Trainer can record a comment on any question, however this option makes recording a comment mandatory.

Hidden To Trainee?

Some questions should not be displayed on the Trainee view of the Course Assessment.

Each question may also be associated with Training Requirements and Critical Controls which are used for reporting training coverage and for monitor activity in specific areas.

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