Useful and strategic
The technical log is a key document in the aircraft operation, controlled by the local aviation, authority and provides crucial oversight

There have been technical logs recorded since just about the first flights. They record the status of the aircraft prior to each flight as well as the line maintenance activities. In fact, one of the reasons we chose to invest in providing an electronic techlog (ETL) was that there were no good tools supporting line maintenance.

This seemed ridiculous given the importance of those activities in the daily airline operation. The problem is that the technical log is document that is completed by two sets of users and it's primary benefits are felt by others in the airline. The pilots and line engineers complete it but it is Maintenance Operation Control, Tech records and Engineering that get the most benefit.

With that in mind we set about creating an "On Aircraft" solution that was easy to use but as helpful as it could be for the people actually using it as well as providing all the other benefits to the airline.

Works connected or not

It is important that an electronic techlog does not require an internet connection to work as a techlog. It must be the techlog whether a connection is available or not - we designed that in with the foundation.

Software and the installation

Each airline operates it's own process and therefore an electronic techlog should be flexible. We also prefer that the tablet is not docked in the cockpit. Why? Pilots are not the only users and engineers need to use it outside the aircraft.

Effortless data synchronisation

One of the early design decisions was to eliminate excessive waiting to upload data on sign-off (generally exactly when you don't want a delay). So our data synchronisation works in the background making the final sign-off in seconds.

Some of the key capabilities of the CONVERGE ETL
Here are some of the features we think you will find invaluable
Defect Management

Defects are automatically managed by the ETL. The sector can't be completed with Open defects and any deferrals are monitored with alerts as they become due.

Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks (based on hours, cycles etc) can be defined on the website (or imported from another system) are automatically tracked and alerts provided as they become due.

Live Screen Sharing

Included in the standard service is the ability to view the live screen of a connected ETL. This allows Maintenance Operation Control to assist pilots and engineers whenever necessary.

Automatic Calculations

Where possible the ETL will automatically calculate and populate fields (refueling is a prime example) as well as alert you to potential errors in data entry.

Integrated Documents

Document management is provided as a standalone service but can also be integrated to the ETL. This allows you to assign version controlled documents to one or more aircraft. These are downloaded and available on the ETL.

Integrated Damage

With the Damage Module the ETL is able to record the location of damage as well as the associated data and accompanying photographs. It also automates the association and tracking of a damage item with a defect.

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