Line Maintenance Module

Easily plan and track completion of your line maintenance
Our line maintenance module lets you plan and track your maintenance activities, sending workpacks directly to the ETL.

Bundle work items from multiple sources into a single work pack for an aircraft, and schedule when it should be carried out. It will then be transmitted down to the ETL and be available for you to action at the appropriate time. Defects are created automatically meaning less work for engineers, and the status is updated automatically via the CONVERGE Website allowing MOC a real time view of exactly what is going on where.

Planning tasks originating from multiple sources can be complex. Let us show you how we can help.

Creating a work pack is easy using our drag and drop system. We collate the tasks for each aircraft from our own data in Deferred Defects and Out Of Phase (OOP) tasks plus any manually created Work Items, and combine these with any tasks you wish imported from external systems. Drag the tasks you want to a Work Pack, select a station and a date and time for them to be carried out and hit save. Your work pack will then be downloaded onto the appropriate ETL, and be available for engineers to access. Your work pack can be rescheduled or edited at any time, with updates being sent to the ETL immediately.

When a work pack is created, it is available to view both online, and on the ETL allowing engineers full visibility of upcoming work. Emails and push notifications can be delivered to individual users or groups whenever a work pack is created or edited, ensuring they are kept up to date. Notes and any reference documents can be attached to work packs ensuring that any required documentation is available when the work pack is being worked on, rather than having to go in search for the referenced documents. The effort estimates against work items are tracked and compared against available resources a station, ensuring you're not unknowingly scheduling too much for your team.

When you action a work pack (or an individual item from the work pack) on the ETL, a defect is opened automatically with the appropriate text from the work item. At the same time the information that work has begun is sent back to the CONVERGE website, keeping MOC up to date. Work Items can be assigned priorities to help ensure that any essential work is completed first. Any items which are not completed can be mark as such and a reason provided as to why.

With live information of all work pack status, then CONVERGE website provides an ideal way to keep and eye on the status of the scheduled line maintenance. Any items which are not complete are highlighted, and immediately become available for re-planning in another work pack. Reports and graphs are available for you to view the information of planned and completed work items, as well as resource and effort graphs allowing you to plan the required resources as far in advance as you wish. If any of the work items were fed from an external system CONVERGE will push the latest status back to the originating system whenever it is updated, closing the loop and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Techlog and Line Maintenance module, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.