Set up and commission ETL units easily, at your convenience

There's nothing worse than waiting for someone else to complete a task that is stopping you being productive. We completely agree, and we have built CONVERGE to ensure we're never the delay for you. You can enroll new devices yourselves; effortlessly. You can commission new aircraft yourselves; simply. You can switch and aircraft to new ETL hardware yourselves; quickly. And, you can rely on our support; always.

Hardware Configuration

Power on your hardware, follow the wizard and enter your provided login details. Software installation & unit configuration is done automatically.

Download Aircraft Data

Follow the commissioning wizard to select the registration for use on the ETL. All data is downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Start using the ETL

Pick up from where you left off on paper, or the previous ETL. All historic data (defects, sectors, etc) is available on the unit.

Designed to make the ETL one less thing for you to worry about
Out of Box Setup

Simple, automatic setup of hardware from the factory. No need for time consuming, complex IT setups.

O/S Management

Operating System updates managed to ensure the devices are always secure. Done without inconveniencing users.

Virus Management

Continuously updated virus protection. Keeping your data and users safe at all times.

SIM Card Management

We can provide and manage your 4G SIM Cards, ensuring you have global connectivity. One less thing to worry about.

Self Commissioning

Set up and swap ETL hardware as and when you wish. No complex processes to follow.

Remote Support

Full remote support. Wherever you are our team can remotely assist every one of your ETL units at any time.

Simply. More. Efficient.
Supporting how you work
We can manage as much or as little of the ETL service as you wish
You can manage it all

If you prefer your IT team to manage the ETL Devices, that's not a problem. We'll provide you with an application installer and you can manage the rest.

Let us manage the devices

We are happy to manage the ETL units; including locking it down, managing updates and installing the applications you want on it.

Leave it all to us

We can provide everything as a service, meaning you don't need to worry about a thing. From the hardware, right down to the SIM cards.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Techlog, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.