Efficient Training Assessments, No Paperwork
Having the right tool allows Trainers' to focus on doing what they love

The CONVERGE Training App is designed to make the complex world of aviation Training simple. A mix of simulators, class rooms, meeting rooms and accompanied flights do not make keeping track of training progress easy. Our App is designed to be your companion across all these locations so you always have what you need when you need it.

Use Everywhere
No connection needed

Whilst you need an internet connection to synchronise courses, trainees and assessments, you DON'T to perform assessments.

Access Everything
All courses available

The roles you have as a trainer define the Courses you can perform and all of these are available for you at all times. Even new revisions...

Inform Everyone
Assessment reports immediately

You are in control of when to synchronise Assessments to the CONVERGE server, but once you do that's it - everyone who should have access has access.

Features to make life easier
Simply let the CONVERGE Training App make a difference
Stay Updated

Courses are maintained on the CONVERGE website and with revisions. When a Course is updated the App warns you to re-synchronise and all you need to do is click a button.

Concurrent Training

You can have as many Assessments running at the same time as you want. So you can be confident you have everything you need when you grab your iPad or Android tablet.

Complete Assessments

The Assessments are presented in a clean, consistent format to for completion. They can be synchronised to the website at any point during completion. It is simple and quick.

No Connection, No Problem

You don't have a connection everywhere you do training - so the App works whether you have a connection or not.

Upload Without Effort

Synchronise your Assessments as often as you want. Sign off when you are complete, data is synchronised and your are done.

Trainee Access

It's not just managers that can access the training data, but the Trainees too. Assessments form part of their Training File that they can access at whenever they wish.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Training Forms, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.

Simply. More. Efficient.