CONVERGE Training Forms

CONVERGE Training Forms gives you flexibility and control, simplifying the management of flight crew training and allowing a new level of agility and visibility.

Managing training is time consuming. More so if you are hand crafting assessment forms and then trying to ensure the correct versions are available (and being used!) by trainers. Even then there is still the process of gathering the completed training documents and then turning those paper forms into something you can analyse.

CONVERGE Training Forms radically simplifies the entire process, allowing Courses to be created on the CONVERGE website and then released to all Trainers with one click. Trainers with an iPad or Android tablet are able to complete the latest forms and submit the results immediately. As an added benefit, the role management allows you to control which Assessment can be carried out by specific Trainers and to which Trainees. That means that it is a one-stop solution to manage training across Captains, First Officers, Cabin Crew, Line Engineers ... in fact any part of the organisation you think might benefit from on-going assessments. Last, but not least, all the data in the completed Assessments is available for immediate analysis, reporting and to be fed into your own business intelligence systems (e.g. Cognos, Tableau, QlikView etc).

Just because it's complex, doesn't mean it has to be difficult.

Training assessments can be complicated, for Airline staff they are covering extremely important subject matter and some of it is necessarily involved. With the introduction of Alternative Training Qualification Programmes (ATQP) it can be difficult to ensure the good subject matter coverage across Trainees.

Add to this constant demand for reporting and near real-time dashboards, and the complexity can quickly become a management nightmare.

Some key features of CONVERGE Training Forms are designed to break down the complexity and make it easy to manage the on-going process. The creation of the Courses is entirely under your control. The Course Assessment Editor let's you create the exact course you require which you can organise into as many sections as you want. You can also define a set of data to capture at the start of the Assessment and final questions aimed at overall feedback and grading.

All that control is great (and we haven't really touched on everything it offers) but crucially, we have built in two features which make on-going reporting simple. These are Training Requirements and Critical Controls. Each can be associated with specific questions and responses in the Assessment definition. That makes reporting on the Training Requirement and Critical Control coverage a breeze!

The Course Assessment Editor is designed for flexibility whilst making it simple to build up the questions you want to cover. A Course is split into the following sections.

  • Header
    This captures the basic information about the course, such as Name, Version etc.
  • Course Attributes
    Allows you to specify fields that should be completed at the start of the Training Event (e.g. Fleet, Training Date). The fields can be one of a set of options [bool, date, int, select - where you can defined a list of valid values, text].
  • Component Courses
    Courses can be standalone or a "Super Course". A Super Course is comprised of other Courses where those Courses can placed in order of completion.
  • Restrictions
    This is where the Trainee and Trainer roles are assigned. This constrains who can perform the assessment and whom is being assessed. There are also roles associated with Web Access and the ability to assign Reporting Tags to a Course.
  • Assessment
    This is where the Course Assessment is defined. It allows you to define Sections containing Questions and save the order in which they are presented. This will be described more in the Course Assessment Editor.

The very high-level process for creating a course and using it in a tablet (iPad or Android):

Define the Course

Define all aspects of the Course as described above and the set the status to "published".

Synchronise On App

With the installed CONVERGE Training App all the Trainer needs to do is login (only allowed with the correct Trainer roles), synchronise and then Select a Course and Trainee.

Start the Training Event

Then just start!

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Training Forms, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.

There is no need to be in the dark. You can see all the progress from all Trainers when you want.

The CONVERGE Training App is designed to allow for multiple concurrent Training Events. So if the Trainer has a few long running assessments but also needs to start and completed several others in the meantime it is not a problem. As well as providing that flexibility, the App supports synchronising each Training Event back to the CONVERGE website as often as you want. This not only means that progress is easily shared, but provides additional data backups.

Not only that, but the App supports multiple Trainer collaboration. Long running assessments take several months and involve multiple Trainers. The App allows a Training Event to be synchronised with the CONVERGE website at any stage. Once synchronised, Trainers with the appropriate roles can view the assessments in progress and upload them. This allows them to continue with the assessment.

Throughout this the App maintains an audit trail of who completed each question along with a timestamp. Never before has it been so simple to maintain oversight over your training.