We don't just provide a service, we thrive on providing a service.


A breed apart

We know what it is to receive bad, or just mediocre, service. We see how software companies treat their customers - particularly in aviation. That is not CONVERGE.


Customer driven

Many pay lip service to that axiom but few follow through. Our customers know what it is to work with a responsive supplier and to be supported - wonder why they ever put up with anything else.

We lead the way

CONVERGE is brought to you by NVABLE. Our team were the first to develop an Electronic Technical Log and have continued to innovate where others follow.

We were involved in trialling initial versions of the Electronic Technical Log in the 1990s and have perfected the service. We were the first to introduce the Panasonic Toughpad as a preferred platform for the ETL with an airline. We were the first to introduce the use of Microsoft Azure and the benefits of scalable, secure cloud architecture to an Airline service. We are the first to offer a fully automated "no-touch" solution to anywhere in the world.

We provide a fully supported solution.
Microsoft Azure - Geo-redundant data and services

Offsite backup - additional non-Azure

Full data retention - there is no data limit

Dedicated support - we are there when you need us

Sectors Recorded
Defects Managed
System Users
Crew Training Events

CONVERGE provides mobile solutions to simplify existing processes, automate data capture and secure transmit to the web platform. The web platform provides a simple way to consume, share and analyse that data. The services allow for multiple system integrations both to feed data into CONVERGE and pass data from CONVERGE.

Fit for purpose mobile application

The Electronic Techlog is only one example of one of our fit for purpose mobile solutions. The same is true of our Electronic Training Forms and general data capture applications. Not only should it capture data and seamlessly transfer it, the application should simplify the life of the user, improve the quality of data and minimise the effort of data collation.

Website to consume the data

The data is presented in the CONVERGE website in a number of ways - from the detail to extrapolations and analysis. The role based security allows any aspect of the website to be securely shared both within the customer and to third parties. The customer is in control of who has access, what they have access to and what they can do with it.

Data Interfaces

CONVERGE automates the data export to your maintenance system (e.g. OASES, AMOS and ALKYM). But that is only the start. CONVERGE can accept feeds from systems such as SABRE and AIMS for various types of analysis. Data can be exported for other systems such as JEPPESEN BAM (ADSF), financial systems and much more.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration and see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.

The experience of working with the team at NVABLE has been invaluable. Complex software projects are difficult to implement but NVABLE has helped to make it simple. The team have been responsive and extremely supportive which has made the project a success.

- Mark Leather, Continuing Airworthiness Manager, BACF

With the use of the ETL, we have substantial improvements in quality and efficiency. Through the digitalisation of the data we secure the transfer of error free readings on the current overall real time status of the aircraft, including all maintenance and crew activity. After only a short period from the start date using the ETL live, not a single employee wants to go back to the paper process.

- George Vasilou, Maintenance Manager, Cobalt

I am proud that our team is the first to introduce an electronic logbook in Poland. The CONVERGE system is delivering quality data and providing view of the real time status of the fleet that wasn’t possible before. We have also automated a number of data feeds which make life simpler for internal departments and suppliers. We are looking to make more use of that capability and exploring other possibilities in the future.

- Mariusz Olechno, Technical Director, Enter Air

This system is one of the biggest advances in Line Maintenance, Engineering and Operations that I have ever encountered.

- Andy Pyett, Line Maintenance Control, BACF

Ensuring that only authorised flight crew and engineers are able to complete a technical log has always been a challenging area. We find the implementation of user authentication on the CONVERGE ETL, and the ability to centrally manage user access, to be a particularly useful capability.

- Terry Clarke, Airworthiness Surveyor for the UK CAA