Use the data you are collecting
The techlog contains a wealth of data, use it to manage more with less.

The average techlog sector contains more that 300 data points, some much more than that. Ultimately that data is fed into the "System of Record" however it also contains a lot of realtime management information. The System of Record is just not designed to help you use the techlog data like that.


Realtime Data
Tailored alerting

As the data is received from the electronic techlog (during completion, not just on sector sign-off) any of the data points can be used to create alerts. For example, an alert when a Cat A deferred defect is raised; or when an oil uplift is recorded. Anything that makes fleet management simpler.

Manage by Exception

CONVERGE allows multiple dashboards to be created. Each tailored to the specific audience to make it easy to have a meaningful overview of your fleet. Dashboards update as the data arrives and areas which need attention are highlighted amber or red - allowing you to focus attention on where it is needed.

Fast Data Analysis

Not only can CONVERGE provide an increasing number of analysis based on the electronic techlog, we will add whatever analysis you require just for you. Not only that, but other system data feeds can be added or data forms completed in the website to augment the analysis and reporting.

Some of the key capabilities of CONVERGE
Here are some of the features we think you will find invaluable
Role Management

We like to give you as much control as we can in managing the system. Users with the correct permissions can create roles specifically for your airline to control who can see and do things on the CONVERGE website.

Flexible Modules

We are always looking to expand the capability of CONVERGE. The module design allows new modules to be added easily so we can be responsive to the needs of our customers.

Live Screen Sharing

Included in the standard service is the ability to view the live screen of a connected ETL. This allows Maintenance Operation Control to assist pilots and engineers whenever necessary.

Notification Definition

The Notification Module allows users to create their own notification rules and content, as well remaining in control of who receives the notifications (whether internal or 3rd parties).

Integrated Data Feeds

CONVERGE can take data feeds not only related to the electronic techlog (e.g. planned flights; line maintenance work orders) but also for additional analysis and creating reports.

Integrated Documents

Document management is added as part of CONVERGE and can be used to manage documents to groups in your business as well as to third parties.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Techlog, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.

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