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CONVERGE Training Analysis

CONVERGE Training gives you visibility whilst training is being completed.

Whether it is an analysis of a particular Course over time, or a comparison of grades assigned across Trainee Roles the data is at your disposal.

Charts and analysis are prepared for you - and the underlying data easily exported to Excel (or or other formats). You can even set up emails to be triggered on receipt of data depending on certain conditions.

Giving you the freedom to create whatever Course Assessments you require does pose some unique analysis challenges. However the combination of flexibility on the user interface and our commitment to support always mean you will have full access to your data. We are happy to support independent feeds of data for your internal reporting or dashboard tools.

One of our foundational principles: this is your data. We want to make it as easy for you to use it and get insight from it.
We are also look for opportunities to work with you to create new charts and dashboards. The whole point is to make life easier for you.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration of the CONVERGE Electronic Training Forms, to see how CONVERGE can simplify your overall process, while providing extensive benefits.